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Utilities Distribution

Utilities Distribution

Utilities Distribution consists of the Tunnel Shop and Water, Wastewater and Storm.

The Tunnel Shop is responsible for operating and maintaining roughly 6 miles of underground structures that house low pressure steam, high pressure steam, domestic hot water, condensate, and compressed air systems. This group also operates and maintains approximately 1.5 miles of direct buried steam and hot water piping systems.

Water, Wastewater and Storm is responsible for operating and maintaining roughly 120 miles of domestic water, sanitary, and storm water piping systems. They also maintain over 60 stormwater BMP structures that include:

  • Detention tanks,
  • Retention/infiltration tanks and ponds
  • Hydrodynamic separators
  • Water quality units
  • Swirl concentrators
  • Infiltration piping
  • Oil/water separators

Utilities Distribution Facts

Low-pressure steam can be more economical to produce than high-pressure steam, as it requires less energy to create and does not lead to as much wear and tear on components. Low-pressure steam boilers heat and provide hot water to hospitals, university campuses, office buildings, and multi-family dwellings, for example.

High-pressure steam is essential for providing higher energy transfer to down-stream point-of-use equipment.

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