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NCRC Central Energy Plant

NCRC Central Energy Plant

The NCRC Central Energy Plant (CEP) was acquired in 2009 from Pfizer as part of the North Campus expansion by the University. The CEP is located in Buildings 80, 85, 86, and 800 on the North Campus Research Complex. The 2.7 million square foot campus is composed of office, research and vivarium space, which the CEP supplies with steam, chilled water and electricity.

Chilled Water

20,360 tons of chiller capacity


11.8 Megawatts of electrical generation



305,800 pounds per hour of boiler steam capacity

Central Energy Plant Facts

Chiller systems are installed in commercial buildings to achieve proper temperature control. There are two types: water cooled chillers and air cooled chillers. Both are refrigeration systems used to cool fluids or dehumidify air in both commercial and industrial facilities.

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