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eDNA Billing System

eDNA Billing System

Billing System

All Utilities business management and accounting responsibilities are directed by our dedicated finance team in Operational Support. Within this group is the Energy Billing Systems (EBS) team. The EBS team is responsible for processing all utilities for the U-M community. This includes: purchasing, invoice auditing, processing vendor payments, metering, monthly recharging to our customers for their direct purchased utilities and/or generated utilities through Service Unit Billing, reconciling, and record keeping.


If you have questions about your billing statement or service please fill out the Contact Us form.

EBS Web App

EBS provides accurate and reliable processing of utility purchasing and billing procedures. To find current or historical charges, flexible reporting tools, and operating instructions, use our Utilities Web Interface. With the EBS web app, you can find up-to-date information on current and historical charges, flexible reporting tools, and operating instructions.  Access to the web app requires a U-M login ID (uniqname).

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