[toggle title=”What should I do if I have a utilities related emergency?”]

Call the Facilities Service Center at (734) 647-2059.[/toggle][toggle title=”How do I get a new meter and/or service installed?”]

Natural Gas service     Water and Sewer services

[/toggle][toggle title=”How can I change the account number  charged on my service unit billing?”]

Complete the account change only portion of the Utilities Service Request Form and submit it to Utilities Business Services.[/toggle][toggle title=”I pay departmental utility bills directly. How can I get Business Services to begin making payments?”]

Complete a Utilities Service Request Form and submit it to Utilities Business Services. We will have the supplier bill us and then recharge you.[/toggle][toggle title=”How do I have utilities turned on or off at my University-leased space?”]

Complete a Utilities Service Request Form and submit it to Utilities Business Services. We will contact the supplier with the changes. Bills will then be sent directly to us and recharged to your account monthly.[/toggle][toggle title=”How can I identify the service address for a meter that appears on my monthly statement of activity?”]

Use the Utilities Web Interface to find the meter and its related service address. For further assistance email utilitiesweb@umich.edu, or call (734) 764-5189.[/toggle][toggle title=”Why are natural gas charges two months behind on the statement of activity?”]

Buildings on campus are serviced with natural gas purchased on a contract from bulk gas suppliers. MichCon transports natural gas to University buildings, reads building meters, and bills in a summary billing. This process creates a time lapse of 2 months. For example, April gas charges are on June statement of account.[/toggle][toggle title=”How can I have a building meter checked?”]

Email utilitiesweb@umich.edu, or call (734) 764-5189, and request a meter check. Please provide the building name and number when making the request.[/toggle][toggle title=”Do University buildings have a central temperature control for heating and air conditioning?”]

Yes. Call the Facilities Service Center at (734) 647-2059 with any problems.[/toggle][toggle title=”Can I have a questionable utilities bill verified?”]Yes. Email utilitiesweb@umich.edu, or call (734) 764-5189. If a problem is identified it will be corrected.[/toggle]


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